30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1- My Tomorrow Is Today

While I was standing in the shower yesterday morning (You know, the place where most moms get a little time to think.), an old Winan’s song “Tomorrow” popped into my head.

I was thinking about the lyrics and began to wonder- How often do I say, “Tomorrow. Later. I will.”? Rather than, “Today. Now. I am.” It’s kinda disappointing to realize how much I say, “Tomorrow.” But, that is my reality right now.

My birthday’s in a month. 32 days to be exact. There is so much I was hoping to have accomplished by then. One of those things was working out and getting fit. Getting down to 120 lbs. by my 6 month postpartum date (my 32nd birthday). 120 lbs. is my goal weight. My pre-prego weight was 132. 120 was how much I weighed when I got married. That was 9.5 years and 3 kids ago. Do I really want to be that small again? No. Not really. I’m just curious to see how it looks. I’m comfortable with a fit 130. But this means I have 24 lbs. to lose to reach my goal.

So (sigh), I want to say, “Today”. I am going to say, “Today”.



I am starting the 30-Day Squat Circuit Challenge. If your willing to join me, PLEASE do. I would love to have a support group. But, if not, I will go it alone.

Today I begin my 30-Day Challenge. I’ll get to see what I’m really made of over these next 30 days. Can I be disciplined enough to make it to the end? Will I MAKE (not find) time to get it done?

This is Day 1. Just the beginning. Stay tuned.

If you choose to join me let me know. I’d love to hear about your journey. I’ll do my best to share at least weekly.


P.S. Please excuse the roughness of this post. It was written on my iPhone. My baby girl is holding me hostage in bed. I’ll clean and pretty it up a bit later. Thanks for understanding and letting me be a mom.


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