Family Read Aloud- March 2016

Tonight our family finished our very 1st Family Read Aloud book! We read Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.51-t2bzhjell-_sy344_bo1204203200_We loved this book. My almost 10 year old daughter said she gives it 3.5 stars. My son,  7 years old, said he gives it a 5 star rating. When I asked them what was their favorite part, they both agreed it was when Pa was in the woods trying to scare a bear. Turned out, the bear was a large tree stump! We all laughed about that for a while. Their least favorite parts were when cousin Charley was stung by yellow jackets. They did, however, think he just might have deserved the punishment.

I am looking forward to what we read together next. I haven’t quite decided on what it will be just yet. My son would like to go on the the next Little House book, Farmer Boy, but I told them we would try something else first and come back to Little House series.


2 thoughts on “Family Read Aloud- March 2016

    • Sojourning Thru says:

      That’s awesome! Yes, my son was asking, “Can we just keep going on to Farmer Boy?” LOL! The only reason I’m switching it up is for my oldest. She needs something a little more exciting this go ’round. And I’m not sure where Farmer Boy falls in his book list for next our upcoming school year. I think it was the prior year (Ambleside year 1), but I’m not certain. But, we definitely will continue on with the series.

      I am excited to read the series as well. Somehow in my childhood I only read On the Banks of Plum Creek and Little House on the Prairie. I don’t even think I realized there were others at the time. SMH.

      Looking forward to going on this journey with them.


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