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She Did What She Could

I found an awesome blog today!  Well, actually I found it a while ago, but hadn’t had the chance to really give it a good look over. But today, right now, when I should’ve jumped into the shower, got dressed, woken up my kids and fed them breakfast I read 2 posts. This one in … Continue reading

Disney Bedtime Favorites

  Click here to purchase from The kids and I have been reading through this book at bedtime. They’ve looked forward to every night! Finally, tonight we completed the last story. I asked them both what was their favorite story and why. Here were their responses: Papa Son, who’s 3, giggles, “My favorite was … Continue reading

I’m Taking It Back. For Our Sake… Pt. 2

*Quick follow up on Wednesday’s post- The remainder of the evening/ early morning went off without a hitch. The baby slept until 3:19 a.m. Then when he woke up we nursed. I took him with me to turn off his sister’s tank light. (It’s being used as a temporary nightlight.)  Then once I returned to … Continue reading

Our First Day of School…

September 14, 2009 Sitting here tonight reflecting on the event of the day… My little girl had her first day of school. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Yes, it’s only Pre-K, but still. She’s my first baby. I was so excited to wake her this morning. 6:30a I kissed her and sung her … Continue reading