Our Homeschool Agreement

We have completed our 2016 - 2017 school year! I am happy to say we survived! Not just survived, but had an enjoyable time. In all my planning I added many things- checklists, a crate system, binders, Morning Time plans, Get to Know Me sheets, etc. But, what I found we needed and didn't have … Continue reading Our Homeschool Agreement


Family Read Aloud- March 2016

Tonight our family finished our very 1st Family Read Aloud book! We read Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.We loved this book. My almost 10 year old daughter said she gives it 3.5 stars. My son,  7 years old, said he gives it a 5 star rating. When I asked them what … Continue reading Family Read Aloud- March 2016

When Mommy Becomes Student-Teacher: Intro

Our path to making the decision to homeschool our three children was sparked with the passing of SB-277. Before that, it was never even something either myself or my husband considered. We were grateful to have found an awesome school within our shotty school district that had a challenging curriculum and great teachers. A rose … Continue reading When Mommy Becomes Student-Teacher: Intro