30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1- My Tomorrow Is Today

While I was standing in the shower yesterday morning (You know, the place where most moms get a little time to think.), an old Winan's song "Tomorrow" popped into my head. I was thinking about the lyrics and began to wonder- How often do I say, "Tomorrow. Later. I will."? Rather than, "Today. Now. I … Continue reading 30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1- My Tomorrow Is Today


P90X Lean Program- Jan. 23- Apr. 23 2012

Yes, we have been here before. No, we weren't able to complete the program. Why? We allowed life to get in the way. Plus, I don't think our hearts were fully committed.Last night began our 90-Day Lean Program. We did P90X Core Synergistics. I pushed! I sweated. I was proud of myself.The other day my … Continue reading P90X Lean Program- Jan. 23- Apr. 23 2012

The Journey Begins… Again

The time has finally come for my husband and me to get serious about this thing called FITNESS. He and I are both tired of our bodies not having the any resemblance of our younger, fit, thin selves. Not that we need to go back to what was in reality, skinny, but it would be … Continue reading The Journey Begins… Again

Week 1 Complete!

So here we are. My husband and I have completed our first week of Insanity. And after careful deliberation, we feel that we enjoyed P90X more. So we’ve decided to make a hybrid version of our workout program.Sometime you’ve got to “take the best and leave the rest”, right? There is no denying the sweat … Continue reading Week 1 Complete!

Just Sad…

So today my husband finally got me to do my first work out in over a year. I know my page is called "The "X" In Me", but we did Insanity "Pure Cardio".Needless to say, I couldn't even get through the warm-up. So sad. I am so absolutely outta shape. The cheerleader that he is, … Continue reading Just Sad…

P90X Lean Day 1: Core Synergistics

Work up at 5 a.m. Core Synergistics workout with my husband. I am exhausted. Kinda disappointed though. 30 mins in I felt like I was gonna throw up and had to back off a bit. 😦 Day 1 complete. I'm happy.