Blessings with the Wash

It's Laundry Day again! Tried to put it off as long as I could. But here I am! The Lord met me here today. For real. For the 1st time I noticed an abnormally large group of Caucasian people here (The laundry mat I love is in the 'hood.). Young adults. I'm going about my … Continue reading Blessings with the Wash


Getting My Heart Right

After much consideration and knowing what this Love Dare journey requires, I've decided to go back a few days. I very quickly lost focus on the goal. My heart is no longer in it like it was. I just really need to focus on this. Not be sidetracked or distracted or even discouraged. I no … Continue reading Getting My Heart Right

"Love Dare"- Day 2: Love is Kind

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor. —Romans 12:10Thanking God for, yet another, uneventful day. Part of that is because I find my self 6ft deep under the weather.So today the task was to do an act of kindness on top of the Day 1 Challenge. Well, … Continue reading "Love Dare"- Day 2: Love is Kind

I’m Taking It Back. For Our Sake… Pt. 2

*Quick follow up on Wednesday’s post- The remainder of the evening/ early morning went off without a hitch. The baby slept until 3:19 a.m. Then when he woke up we nursed. I took him with me to turn off his sister’s tank light. (It’s being used as a temporary nightlight.)  Then once I returned to … Continue reading I’m Taking It Back. For Our Sake… Pt. 2

Our First Day of School…

September 14, 2009Sitting here tonight reflecting on the event of the day… My little girl had her first day of school. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. Yes, it’s only Pre-K, but still. She’s my first baby.I was so excited to wake her this morning. 6:30a I kissed her and sung her a little … Continue reading Our First Day of School…