Mission of the Month: April 2013- Preparing for Baby

MamasMissionAs you all know, I am expecting Baby #3 in a few weeks. The feeling has been a mix of excitement, anxiety, and overwhelm. I have a boat load to get done! I’m hoping to have it all done by May 1st. I’d really love to have the last 2 weeks feeling prepared and ready to receive Baby whenever she/he decides to make the BIG DEBUT.

I have created lists in many places. I love lists they are a friend of mine… When I decide to refer back to them. A minor detail, right? This morning I decided I would use my Reminder app on my iPhone and create yet another list. I like to see the check boxes filled in as I complete tasks. I do, however, LOVE to physically cross things off a list.

In my list making process this morning I remembered reading a few posts from Mama Jenn’s blog about her Missions of the Month. I realized, like she, I feel when things are put out before the universe it holds me more accountable. It’s also nice to have a cheering squad behind me to help push me forward. I figured if I join the group of Mission of the Month Moms I too would begin to see things crossed off, checked, manifest perhaps a bit quicker than if I was going it alone.

There are many, many things I need to add to this list. Many things I would like to do daily, make a habit of, etc. But I think I need to keep focused on the task at hand. If I’m able to do so, next month I may branch out into other categories of To Do. My goal this month is to stay focused and get ready, get ready, get ready!

So here it is, in no particular order, my Mission of the Month:



  • Purchases:
    • Dresser from Ikea. Completed: 4/6
    • Cloth Diapers and accesories
    • Dresser drawer organizers from Ikea. Completed: 4/6
  • Prep cloth diapers.
  • Wash all baby clothes Completed 4/26
  • Put clothes away. Closet, dresser, etc. Completed 4/26
  • Dress crib. Completed 4/26
  • DIY Potty Pail. I found a great blog post for this on Banana’s Bread.
  • Pack Baby hospital bag. Completed, unsure of date.
  • Install car seat
  • Put together crib & dresser. Completed: 4/18

    Sundvik Crib

    Sundvik Crib


    • Pack hospital bag. Completed, unsure of date
    • Do the Hospital/Maternity Ward tour. Decided not to take tour.


  • Purchase bunk bed and a mattress for kids. Completed: 4/6
  • Organize closet to make room for baby. Completed 4/30
  • Sort thru clothes and donate or trash as appropriate. Before April 20th. Little Miss’ school is having a Goodwill fundraiser on the 20th. Completed 4/19

Household: None of this was completed in April.

  • Rearrange:
    • Living room
    • Dining room/office
  • Clean carpets- Assigned to Mr. Started: 4/20.
  • Clean couches
  • Organize hall closet
  • Zone Clean bathroom
  • Zone Clean living room

Other: None of this was completed in April.

  • Prepare freezer meals.
  • Have my car detailed.
  • Clean out trunk to make room for stroller.

I am certain this list will grow a bit more. Please, if there’s anything I have forgotten, please let me know. I’m sure I’ve missed much. This post is a working post. I will add and cross off as we move forward.

Miracles & Blessings,



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