31 Weeks with 30 Week Mention

31 weeks in! Man time is flying by! I think I said that in my last pregnancy update post. Lol! But seriously I’m in less than double digit weeks! I can’t believe it. Our baby will be here soon. I’m a little anxious.

I didn’t blog my 30 week update. I was in a tad of an emotional rut. I had an OB visit and was informed we may have to have a c-section if baby remains breech. And it will be calendared during my 32 week appt. I was not a happy camper. Way too much for me to digest that day. I wrote about it here. But, I’m just gonna trust God will make this baby turn. We will not be having a c-section!

On a brighter note here is my 30 Week Bump shot:


Here’s 31 Weeks:

31 Week Baby Bump

31 Week Baby Bump

31 Week Baby Bump

Here I Am!

Here I Am!

Due Date: May 15, 2013

Gender: It’s STILL a surprise! I’m still holding on.

How far along? 31 Weeks.

Current measurements: 163.8 lbs (weight by my scale this morning just before hopping in the shower. ), 42 in. around. Oooooh!!!

Total weight gain: 31-33 lbs. I’m really wanting to slow this down. Where are the darn brakes?!

Movement: I still think space it minimal. But I’m feeling lots of twists and turns. I know the baby does turn vertex cause I’ve felt feet in my ribs. Ouch!

Maternity clothes: Sadly, no. This has caused a depressive morning for me EVERY Sunday for the past few weeks. I don’t have anything nice to wear to church that will cover this belly or fit around these thighs. So sad. I fight tears weekly. It’s almost to the point I want to tell my husband to just go on without me.

Stretch marks: Yes. Around my belly button. Maybe a few on my sides. Nothing new from the last update.

Sleep: One word: ACID! I can not lay flat! I have woken up in the middle if the night with acid spilling into my mouth. Gross… I know. So I have been forced to sleep almost sitting up. I discover how to stack my pillows so I can sleep. This has alleviated the acid reflux, but it’s not the most comfy. So tossing and turning happen about every 1-2 hours. Joy!

Best moment this week: I have a new niece!!! She was born on Sunday! So beautiful. A true miracle and a promise fulfilled. I can’t thank The Lord enough. You may be able to see photos of her soon on her mommy’s blog. The Everseeking Mom.

Miss anything? Probably not feeling self-conscious about what I eat. Not that I eat bad or anything. But just not being made aware when I do.

Food cravings: Lately, meat and sweets. I know the meat is because we haven’t really had it since Jan 1. No reason, just choice. And sweets, well, no explanation necessary. Lol!

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really queasy or sick, but that acid… That’s enough.

Labor Signs? Not really. Still really strong and painful Braxton Hicks.

Symptoms: •Shortness of breath after doing certain activities.
•Pain in my ligaments. Feels like I pulled a muscle.
•My hands and feet swell. Still only in the evening. This is starting to happen mid-day as well.
•Nesting. But I know it comes and goes.
•Exhausted by day’s end. Not fun for my husband. Sorry, Babe. I’ve stopped waking at 5 a.m. for now.
•Tossing and turning.

Belly button in or out? Out. Been out since beginning of 2nd trimester. Maybe the end of my 1st. I showed by the time I was 4 weeks. No joke!

Wedding rings on or off? Finally off. I was sad. Held on as long as I could. I’m thankful my grandmother’s engagement ring still fits. It was too big for me so my wedding band kept it on my finger. In the morning it’s pretty loose, but by mid afternoon it’s fitting better. Thanks swollen hands. 😉

Happy or moody most of the time: Still more happy than not. But I have had some sad moments. For various reasons. My patience is much better. Still crediting that to my routines being in place. Thanks FLYLady. I also notice I laugh harder. Tears of laughter is a frequent thing these days.

Looking forward to: I’m looking forward to feeling like I have the ball rolling on getting ready for baby. Right now I still am and feel very unprepared.

Miracles & Blessings,

Just Me…

P.S. I found these questions on www.annasaccone.com. I tweaked a few, but I thought they were perfect. I enjoyed reading hers as she journaled her pregnancy. I hope she doesn’t mind me using them. If you have a moment, go check out her site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


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