The Journey Begins… Again

The time has finally come for my husband and me to get serious about this thing called FITNESS. He and I are both tired of our bodies not having the any resemblance of our younger, fit, thin selves. Not that we need to go back to what was in reality, skinny, but it would be nice to have a toned physique.

So today was the beginning! We’re gonna do it! No matter what! Insanity, here we come!

My beginning stats:
Weight: 132.8 lbs
Body Fat: 23 %

No, I’m not posting photos. Don’t know if I want to take any. I really should though. I’m sure that after it’s all said and done I’ll want to compare my progress.

So here’s to no more “Mommy Belly”. It’s time to tighten this thing up.

Lord, have mercy! It’s time to “Dig deeper.”

Today’s work out: Insanity Pure Cardio


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