Week 1 Complete!

So here we are. My husband and I have completed our first week of Insanity. And after careful deliberation, we feel that we enjoyed P90X more. So we’ve decided to make a hybrid version of our workout program.

Sometime you’ve got to “take the best and leave the rest”, right?

There is no denying the sweat factor and heart racing abilities of Insanity. Heck, the warm-up alone it an intense workout! And there is no denying the full-body attention Tony Horton gives in the P90X programs. Head to toe “taking care of our bodies”. It truly is a full body program. However, it leaves something to be desired in the cardio department.

This is where the combination for us is perfect! P90X’s program swapping out Cardio X and Kenpo X for Insanity’s Pure Cardio. For us, it’s quite beautiful.

So today’s Sunday and we’re taking a much needed rest. My body is sore, I feel worked out, and I dread what lies ahead for me tomorrow.

But I’m excited to see what happens over these next couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see the transformation.

Moment of truth… do I want to get up at the crack of dawn (5 – 5:30 a.m.) everyday to work out?! NO!!! But it’s what I’ve gotta do. Do I wish everyday that my husband will decide to sleep in? ABSOLUTELY! I can admit that I don’t want to do this. But I recognize that deep down I do and I need to. So, I may grumble, whine, pout, and have an attitude, but I’m gonna get it done.


Next week: P90X Lean Program


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