P90X Lean Day 1: Core Synergistics

Work up at 5 a.m. Core Synergistics workout with my husband. I am exhausted. Kinda disappointed though. 30 mins in I felt like I was gonna throw up and had to back off a bit. 😦 

Day 1 complete. I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “P90X Lean Day 1: Core Synergistics

  1. this p90x is soooo hard. I borrowed the video's from a friend and did the abs workout- well. i could only do some of the abs work out. made me realize how out of shape i really am 😦 the cardio one almost left me for dead. this workout is crazy- tons of respect for anyone that can do it!

  2. Thanks for the comment!It is hard! And now my loving husband has decided that we will be INSANE and do Insanity!When I was first introduced to this we had just signed papers for our life insurance policy. The same nite we did Insanity Pure Cardio! I told him, "I think you're trying to cash in before the ink even dries! You're trying to kill me!" I was seriously on the brink of passing out! LOL!In my humble opinion- P90X is great for muscle building, but that Insanity… Is rediculaous on the cardio front! It gets it done!

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