P90X Lean Day 1: Core Synergistics

Work up at 5 a.m. Core Synergistics workout with my husband. I am exhausted. Kinda disappointed though. 30 mins in I felt like I was gonna throw up and had to back off a bit. 😦 

Day 1 complete. I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “P90X Lean Day 1: Core Synergistics

  1. otownmommy says:

    this p90x is soooo hard. I borrowed the video's from a friend and did the abs workout- well. i could only do some of the abs work out. made me realize how out of shape i really am 😦 the cardio one almost left me for dead. this workout is crazy- tons of respect for anyone that can do it!

  2. Just Me... says:

    Thanks for the comment!It is hard! And now my loving husband has decided that we will be INSANE and do Insanity!When I was first introduced to this we had just signed papers for our life insurance policy. The same nite we did Insanity Pure Cardio! I told him, "I think you're trying to cash in before the ink even dries! You're trying to kill me!" I was seriously on the brink of passing out! LOL!In my humble opinion- P90X is great for muscle building, but that Insanity… Is rediculaous on the cardio front! It gets it done!

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