Let Us Remember…

Let us take a moment to remember all those lost on Sept. 11th. Not to be captivated by the sadness of that day, but to appreciate the selflessness of those who gave their lives to save a stranger. Say a prayer for the families who grieve their loses, yet continue to press on. 

Let us also not forget those who continue to lay their lives on the line and fight for our safety and freedoms everyday. And in that time of reflection and prayer please remember to send blessings and protection their way. It is these very moments that should make you grateful that you reside in this country. 
May God Bless the USA. 
Thank you Leylan for choosing to be one of those people. My Hero.
*I also want to take just a minute to remember a great man. My grandfather Barrie James Sweetland Mayo. May you rest in peace. He left this earth on Sept. 11, 1999 and still his memories live on. Papa, I miss you and love you still. 

Miracles & Blessings!


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